Use these instructions to change your SWE account password or change your preferred email (where you receive all SWE related emails). 

Change password if you ARE NOT logged into the Member Portal: 

  1. Go to and click "Forgot your password" 
  2. Follow instructions to enter your email address. If you do not get the change password email, check your spam filter. 
  3. If you no longer have access to the email address associated with your SWE member account, please email with your current email address so that we can verify your identity, update your email address, and send you a password reset to your new email address. 

Change password if you ARE logged into the Member Portal:

  1. from any page, go to the person icon on the upper right-hand corner, click the drop-down, and select "Change Password" and follow instructions. If you do not get the change password email, check your spam filter. 

How to update your Preferred Email (Username)

  1. From the Member Portal, select "My Info" and scroll down to the Communication Information Tab. To make edits, click "Change
  2. You may select either "Work" or "Personal" as a preferred email type. The email associated with the preferred email type you select will be both your main email and username. 
  3. To change your email, while in edit mode, update the email address accordingly. 
  4. Once finished, hit Save

Example: If you select "Preferred email type = Personal" your username/main email will be the email you list in "Personal Email."