Section Leaders Must Now Sign a Section Agreement Each Year

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Part I: What is the Section Agreement?

In June, the Senate and Board of Directors passed motions to change the governing documents required for sections to be in good standing.  The minimum required Section Bylaws provisions have been moved to the Society Bylaws, making the requirement for Section Bylaws obsolete. The relationship between the Society and Section will now be defined via a Section Agreement.

In order to remain in good standing within the Society of Women Engineers and maintain eligibility for section rebates, section leaders (with fiduciary responsibility for the section) must sign a Section Agreement each year. In signing the Section Agreement, all signers affirm their agreement with the following policies and documents: SWE IP Policy, SWE Privacy Policy, and SWE Brand Guidelines.

The intent of the Section Agreement is:

  • to streamline section governance documents by reducing the mandatory provisions to the minimum required 
  • to allow more autonomy at the section level by empowering sections to maintain their own section procedures
  • to make the obligations and responsibilities of the fiduciary officers (typically president and treasurer) much more transparent by providing written descriptions

Part II: How do I complete the Section Agreement?

SWE has established a streamlined and virtual process to conduct the signing of these Agreements through DocuSign. In addition to providing the process below, here is a short video that demos how this process works. 

Actions for Section Agreement Execution: 

  1. Review the Section Agreement here
  2. Begin the Section Agreement process by submitting via this form with FY20 leaders plus all FY21 leaders and relevant fiduciary officers who must sign the FY21 Section Agreement by August 15, 2020. While officers from both fiscal years will be copied, only FY21 leaders must sign the Section Agreement. Please reach out to Natalie Jones at SWE HQ if you are unable to access or submit this form. 

Additional Items that will be taken care of internally (SWE HQ) 

  • Once your form is submitted, SWE HQ will prepare your section’s document in DocuSign and send it to all signing parties for execution. This process may take some time due to the high volume of responses.
  • Once all parties have executed the contract, copies of the finalized contract will be sent to all signers. The relevant title can be found under each signature line.
  • Your Section Agreement Status in SWE’s Leadership Portal will be marked according to the status of your execution of each year’s Section Agreement. If you have not executed your Section Agreement, you will not be eligible for section rebates. 

Note:  If your section had modified bylaws or college/university requirements in Article X, we recommend that you put those provisions in your section procedures.  Section procedures are under the authority of your section and do not require Society approval.  Sample section procedures will be made available on the SWE website and updated throughout the fiscal year.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact FY21 Bylaws Chair Genevieve Kane at