Even in an uncertain world, career advancement doesn’t have to stop for women.  SWE is here to provide resources that help you find and excel in your career. 

In the COVID-19 member survey, SWE members requested resources on job searching, resume writing, negotiation, and networking. Take advantage of your member access to the Advance Learning Center and get free training in these areas. 

Job Search Best Practices

Job Seeking for Engineers #1: Resume Writing

Job Seeking for Engineers #2: Cover Letter Writing

Job Seeking for Engineers #3: Interviewing

Career Planning for College Students: I Am About to Graduate - What on Earth Do I Do Now?

Job Search for Mid- to Late-Career

5 Simple Tips to Beat Age Discrimination in Your Job Search

What’s Your Pitch? Mastering Your Transition Narrative

Back on the Career Track: Strategies for STEM Re-Entry after a Career Break

Networking as a Jobsearch Tool

Modern Networking in the Social Age

Make Your Contacts Count

Developing a "Tour of Duty" Mind Set: Using Networking Tools to Grow Your Career

Networking for Newbies

Utilize your Network to the Fullest


How to Jump Pay Grades Like a High Jumper

First Job, First Negotiation

Career Coaching

How a Coach Can Help in Your Career?