Would you like to connect with like-minded individuals?  You are invited to join the SWE Affinity Groups!

The SWE Affinity Groups are communities of individuals who share the same interests and goals.  These groups help build community, provide professional development opportunities and empower and celebrate women from different paths of life.  SWE has eight Affinity Groups: Latinos, African-American, Native American, LGBTQ, Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Women in Government and Global Engineers.

The Diversity and Inclusion Affinity Groups align with protected classes under a US Federal anti-discrimination law.  This Affinity Group focuses on the needs of social minority populations and develop programs tailored to serve this community.  The Business Interests Affinity Groups are grassroots communities focused on a social and networking opportunities around common interests. The focus of these Affinity Groups is loosely centered around the members’ business environment and experiences.

The Affinity Groups are organized as follows. Click on a group you are interested in learning more about to join the private Facebook community. 

  • Diversity and Inclusion
    • SWE LatinosThis active community is focusing on showcasing Latino talent and providing an open forum to discuss Latinos in engineering leadership opportunities.
    • SWE African-AmericanThe African-American AG is a growing community focusing on building leadership excellence in African-Americans through professional opportunities and mentorship.
    • SWE Native American: This community focuses on leveraging third-party partnerships and further engaging collegiates. With a thriving community focusing on the Native-American experience in the engineering industry provides a place for professional support and resources.
    • SWE LGBTQ And AlliesThis community provides a safe environment to share the LGBTQ experience in the engineering profession and provide professional support and mentorship.
  • Business Interests
    • SWE Women in GovernmentWomen in Government in Engineering are a strong contingency focusing on supporting and developing women in the engineering profession within the government framework.
    • SWE Entrepreneurs: Focuses on creating a community and sharing resources to help support startups in various stages of development.
    • SWE Small Business: Small Businesses have their own dynamics and challenges. This group is focusing on building a network and sharing resources to support women in the small company environment.
    • SWE Global Women Engineers: This group is focusing on building the framework to support the Global SWE community outside the United States. Currently is building partnerships with the SWE international ambassadors and building the leadership pipeline in the AG group looking for leads.