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Engineering Consulting 101 <<-- Click Here

Engineering Consulting combines engineering, business, and client management skills, making it a dynamic and exciting career path. The skills required for Engineering Consulting evolve over one’s career, and include a balance between technical, business development, financial management, client management, project management, team work, and communication. We will discuss how to shape your cover letter, resume, and considerations for your interview.

Field of Cyber Security Research and Development and Opportunities for Women  <<-- Click Here

Cybersecurity is a constant challenge facing many aspects of our society. Society seemingly has an insatiable thirst for more and more cyber capabilities that is accelerating at an increasingly rapid pace. We eagerly adopt new cyber capabilities in the name of efficiency, convenience, entertainment, and even safety, but often do so without considering the increased risk we assume. This webinar will provide an overview of key topics in computer security with an emphasis on research and development. Security is a wide field, encompassing network security, operating system security, language-based security, forensics, privacy, as well as legal and policy issues. We will describe technical topics and opportunities.  We will cover these varied topics, drawing on expertise from industry and academia. The broad goal of the webinar is to increase awareness in the field of cyber security research and development and to ultimately increase the number of women and underrepresented minorities in computer security research. 

From Capstone Project to Company Creation  <<-- Click Here

In this presentation, we will uncover how to leverage graduate school experiences to set students up to follow their entrepreneurial dreams. SWE member, Kate Van Dellen calculated her risk and took a capstone project class that wasn’t the main pathway for her master’s degree. She didn’t do this because it was easy, but because it would challenge her to take a deeper look at her life. She specifically set her company idea aside for years, and then when the time was more ideal, made the leap into entrepreneurship. She will share key questions to help participants develop mindful choices, calculate risk, and embrace change. At the end of this session, participants will have an action plan to keep the momentum moving towards the next steps. Participants will find that both entrepreneurs and engineers are problem solvers, so what problems will you solve?

Patents: An Introduction for Inventors  <<-- Click Here

Get inspired! This presentation series is a basic introduction to patents and an overview of issues and practices to be considered by prospective patent inventors and patent owners. 

Patents: An Introduction for Owners  <<-- Click Here

This presentation series is a basic introduction to patents and an overview of issues and practices to be considered by prospective patent inventors and patent owners. Part Two focuses on providing a basic overview of how patents can be used to add value for owners seeking to utilize patents in a commercial venture. The presentation covers issues associated with managing patent ownership, including aggregating ownership rights from multiple inventors into a single entity and avoiding pitfalls associated with research agreements. The presentation will also cover strategically building and managing patent portfolios to maximize value, including enforcement and licensing. 

Present with Power and Credibility  <<-- Click Here

You have spent years honing your skills and knowledge—you are an expert. When you need to share this expertise with an audience, whether it’s made up of your peers, potential customers, or lay people, the ability to communicate your ideas clearly and credibly is essential. Unfortunately, for many people nervousness about presenting, along with a number of bad habits can undermine their perception as credible experts. It’s very common for people to feel anxious when presenting. In fact, studies show that anxiety about presenting is their number one fear. As if this challenge isn’t tough enough, it’s been well established that women must contend with an even higher hurdle to be perceived as credible. The good news is that there are simple tips and techniques to manage one’s fear of presenting and for replacing your bad habits with good ones. You will also learn how to use non-verbal communication—your body language and voice— to influence your audience. Even better news is that you can use these tips and techniques to improve your presentations immediately.

Global Collaboration: Working on and Leading Remote Teams  <<-- Click Here

Global and dispersed teams come with unique challenges. Yet they also offer broad functional expertise and the benefits of vast, international diversity. How can you distinguish your performance as a member or leader of these teams? In this session, you’ll learn behavioral Do’s and Don’ts that can either foster or corrode a culture of collaboration and trust – and strategies to help you reduce “social distance.” You’ll learn to set the example by structuring meetings inclusively and steering your team’s collective focus toward objectives.