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Critical Mid-Career Financial Planning Moves You Need to Act On Now <<-- Click Here

In this session we will go over three important topics for people in their mid-careers including: funding retirement, tax planning, and estate planning.  Examples of questions that will be introduced in this webinar include:  How much should you have in your retirement now? How much should you be saving for retirement if you have not had a great start? How much should you be saving for your child's education?

How to Jump Pay Grades Like a High Jumper  <<-- Click Here

I’m going to teach you to jump pay grades like a high jumper, about salary negotiation and why I love Networking online. I want to help you realize your potential, make smart decisions and get the job (and pay) you deserve! I want to show the power of switching jobs and pushing yourself in your career

Getting Out of a Rut - Expand Your Influence  <<-- Click Here

Are you spinning your networking wheels, stuck in the same stale conversations with the same people? Fresh ideas require new tools! To build connections, open up communication, and maximize the benefit of today’s diverse marketplace, you need to use your 4 Nets. In this webinar you’ll discover the latest strategies for expanding your influence through reaching out to new collaborators. Whether you are a job seeker, or are looking for clients, or want more of a seat at the table in your organization, Jim will show you how to capitalize on connections.

Strategic Leadership 101: Crafting a Compelling Vision  <<-- Click Here

Members will gain an understanding of the difference a compelling vision makes for personal, team and organizational development and success – and what happens when vision goes missing.  This session includes concrete steps for creating a vision and ensuring its integration into team or organization culture.

Strategic Leadership 102: Moving from Tactician to Strategist  <<-- Click Here

Do you spend the majority of your time at work as a task-oriented tactician or do you think and operate strategically, like leaders do? In this session, learn how to shift your focus from being tactical or reactive to operating with a more strategic mindset.

Strategic Leadership 201: Clarifying Roles to Improve Execution  <<-- Click Here

Holding people accountable in a manner that is perceived to be fair can be a difficult task. People often resist being held accountable out of fear of being unfairly blamed for things. Leaders often resist holding others accountable out of fear of having difficult conversations.  As a result, supposedly agreed upon tasks are not executed properly, but little or nothing is done to solve the problem of accountability.

Strategic Leadership 202: Making Conflict Productive  <<-- Click Here

Most people hate conflict, especially in the workplace. Typically, people respond to conflict in one of two ways. They either avoid it (often called “flight”) or battle it out (often called “fight”). But, there is a third option – to engage in healthy debate. Making conflict productive is not about getting rid of conflict.  Conflict is inevitable. For example, one person on a team may be given the task of keeping costs down while another has the task of making sure products meet all regulations and safety requirements.  It would not be unusual for these two people to be in conflict. Although these two people may experience the conflict as personal, some of the conflict is built into their roles.  The goal is to have a reasonable discussion on the sources of the conflict and to figure out together, what can be done to resolve the conflict, or at least lessen the tension. This webinar is not about making conflict go away. It is about how to manage it in a productive way.

Make Your Contacts Count <<-- Click Here

Maximize your networking skills as you leverage the three key moments, understanding the importance of meeting, greeting, and what happens afterwards in the six stages of relationship-building. Using the eight networking competencies, this webinar will provide you with the rules and tools for success, building from commonality and need, character and competence. In addition to the focus on meeting and greeting, the webinar will offer tips on how to be strategic and create your ideal network.

Taking on a Key Stakeholder Role  <<-- Click Here

No matter what role you play in your organization, you own the sales results of the company. In a market that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, everyone must think like a shareholder. We all must develop the capability to understand the changing needs of the consumer AND the workforce while keeping our eyes on the trends that could and will reshape the way business is done. Managing in this environment requires every leader to optimize to surpass silos and optimize the enterprise. In this interactive webinar, you will learn three principles to leading in today’s chaotic and constant changing business environment.

The Lies of the Imposter Complex  <<-- Click Here

When we believe the 12 lies of the Impostor Complex, we are held back and away from putting our very best work out into the world. But when we can see them for what they are, we are free to meet our critics head on, fill the gaps we need to get filled and gather the support needed for us to activate our excellence.

Working Abroad: What You Need to Know Beyond the Logistics of Your Move  <<-- Click Here

Most people when they move abroad to work focus on the "nuts and bolts" of the transition: housing, schools, taxes, etc. However, these temporal logistics are necessary, but not sufficient for success. Research clearly shows that specific competencies that have to do with how we cognitively process the world around us, how we engage in relationships with people who differ culturally from us, and how we cope with the stress that is part and parcel of working abroad are critical for success. This seminar will answer the following questions: 1) What are the competencies needed for overseas success? 2) How do I know to what degree I currently possess them? 3) How can I improve in my weaker competencies and how can I better leverage my strong competencies for overseas success? These global competencies are not just people who will be moving abroad, but also are necessary for working in global virtual teams, conducting international business negotiations, short-term international business trips, and for anyone who finds themselves having to work with people who culturally differ from them.

Frenemies: The Brain Science Behind the Dynamic Cooperative/Competitive World of Women’s Leadership  <<-- Click Here

It's a common misconception that females are conditioned to behave in ways that aren’t always recognized as “best practices” in leadership. Often these same practices pit us against one another rather than playing to our natural biological strengths. It’s time to break down and break through these barriers. Understanding the biological basis of a typical female leadership style can help women of all career stages become more successful leaders by discerning how to approach risk, challenge, conflict, and cooperation.

STEM Success for Women: Research-based Strategies to Guide Your Path  <<-- Click Here

Research shows that women in STEM fields face some unique career challenges, but it also identifies strategies that can help them succeed. We will examine issues and solutions for managing implicit bias, effective communication and power and influence.

Strategic Leadership 301: Producing Results from Strategy  <<-- Click Here

We know that strategy is the force that drives successful organizations and careers. However, recent research has found that even the best strategies can be hamstrung by an organization’s inability to execute. Executives tasked with leading with strategy must became adept at navigating the processes, mindsets, and structures that can become barriers to delivering results. In this interactive session, leaders will be given tips and tools to help them turn a strategic vision into the action.