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Modern Networking in the Social Age <<--- Click Here

You can never be too connected in the 21st century. Professional relationships can help you discover job opportunities and client leads and learn about trends in your industry; however, oftentimes at events you'll find that you do not have adequate time or opportunity to network. Learn how to set yourself up for success when networking in person and through social media.

Engineering Tools to Guide Life Choices: Decision Matrices  <<--- Click Here

When it comes to class or work assignments,  navigating unknowns to meet a deadline can be an easy, linear process. However, when it comes to life’s important decisions, there can be so many factors and feelings that cause people to freeze when they should be making a choice. Particularly important career transitions can induce a state of anxiety and confusion. In this session, SWE member Alena Casella will share her experience making a decision that many engineering undergraduates go through – trying to decide between graduate school and an industry job. To combat her instinct to freeze, Alena used a decision matrix to organize her thoughts, prioritize her values, and make a choice that yielded long-term benefits. This session will use a SWE member’s personal experience with decision matrices to guide others through their own career decisions.

Career Planning for College Students: I Am About to Graduate - What on Earth Do I Do Now? <<--- Click Here

Whether you started career planning and job searching a year ago, a month ago or today, there are a few things you can do to get the ball rolling to land a job you enjoy. Number 1: Don’t Panic! It’s never too late to launch a thoughtful strategy designed to land you employment. Number 2: Know you are valuable in myriad industries and ecosystems. In this webinar, designed specifically for students who are still in school/early in their career, you will learn specific tasks you can do RIGHT NOW to get a job and advance in your career. You will emerge with a solid and strategic plan that you can adapt at any stage of your career, but is especially valuable for those who are about to graduate or finish their postdoc and haven’t lined up a position yet. And perhaps equally important, you will leave the webinar feeling more confident and excited about what your near (and far) future holds for you.

Job Seeking for Engineers Series

Job Seeking for Engineers #1: Resume Writing <<--- Click Here

In this interactive webinar we will address the “super fun” task of appropriately and effectively marketing your value and problem-solving abilities via your resume. Most engineers tend to undervalue and undersell themselves in the job search process, especially on their resumes. But the resume, which is your most important strategic marketing document, must articulate the full extent of what problems you have solved in the past and how that is relevant to you solving problems in the future. Here, we will discuss how to write a resume, make it stand out from the crowd, communicate your full value, and showcase you as a problem-solving super star, all with the goal of landing you an interview. This will be presented as a webinar with breaks in the lecture, for learners to work on their own resumes. Learners are asked to bring their own resumes to the session, and will fill-in a template as the session proceeds. 

Job Seeking for Engineers #2: Cover Letter Writing <<--- Click Here

Let’s be honest: cover letters are not fun to write. But in this webinar, you will learn a recipe to write a cover letter that you can utilize for the rest of your life, whether you are going for an internship, scholarship, job, or promotion. We will discuss the goal of a cover letter, and what elements are included in an effective and compelling cover letter – then write one together. 

Job Seeking for Engineers #3: Interviewing <<--- Click Here

In this interactive webinar, we will address what you need to do before, during, and after an interview to land the job you’re pursuing. Learners will have the chance to practice answering common questions that are presented in interviews, as well as plan out their own mini-stories so they are fully prepared for any and all interview questions. We will also discuss what questions you can ask that demonstrate why you would be the perfect fit for a specific opportunity. Finally, learners will be able to recognize “challenge stimuli” that interviewers inject into the interview equation and gain insight into how to handle these pressure-packed “what if” scenarios.