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First Job, First Negotiation <<--- Click Here

Employers make job offers in a manner to minimize the likelihood that the candidate will negotiate it.You may hear: “I am so impressed with you that I decided to offer you the highest amount possible from the start.” “You have a great GPA but you have a lot to learn and experience to gain. That is why your offer is the same we give to all college seniors.”Yet 86% of employers expect candidates to negotiate the job offer. Not negotiating leaves money out of your wallets. Up to $1 Million during your career! Not negotiating minimizes your benefits. Not negotiating informs the employer they can underpay you during your tenure.

They Don't Teach Corporate in College  <<--- Click Here

This one-hour presentation will address the most critical aspects of twenty-something on-the-job behavior and communication, and will provide attendees with concrete strategies they can use immediately to succeed in a professional environment. Understand the importance of the professional persona – or the mature, competent face you project to the work world – and the first impression.

Career Planning for College Students: I Am About to Graduate - What on Earth Do I Do Now? <<--- Click Here

Whether you started career planning and job searching a year ago, a month ago or today, there are a few things you can do to get the ball rolling to land a job you enjoy. Number 1: Don’t Panic! It’s never too late to launch a thoughtful strategy designed to land you employment. Number 2: Know you are valuable in myriad industries and ecosystems. In this webinar, designed specifically for students who are still in school/early in their career, you will learn specific tasks you can do RIGHT NOW to get a job and advance in your career. You will emerge with a solid and strategic plan that you can adapt at any stage of your career, but is especially valuable for those who are about to graduate or finish their postdoc and haven’t lined up a position yet. And perhaps equally important, you will leave the webinar feeling more confident and excited about what your near (and far) future holds for you.

Combating Online Abuse  <<--- Click Here

Don’t let bullies define your experiences at work, in your community or your personal life. If you've ever had to deal with a bully in an online community, on a project, or social media, you know that it's one of the most unpleasant aspects of the internet. Bullies may believe they are adding value, but they are mostly condescending, rude, and aggressive. Don't let toxic people define your community or project.

Career Fair Savvy <<--- Click Here

Attending a career fair in search of a job or interview can be a daunting experience, especially for first time attendees. The larger the career fair, the more challenging it can be, but also the more opportunity for success. Where do you start? How to make the best use of your time? Career Fair Savvy offers tips to maneuver your way through a career fair so that your best interests are served. Hear success stories and what made those candidates stand out. You too can be successful, but it helps to put yourself in the mindset of the recruiter. Learn what they are thinking!

Networking for Newbies <<--- Click Here

Networking is one of the most critical skills to develop and maintain in order to have a successful career. Networking provides the most productive, most proficient and most enduring tactic to build relationships. It is identified as THE takeaway to have from internships, research, and first jobs. However, as an emerging young professional, the real question is where to start. How can you get involved and develop your network? How do you create diversity within your network that will promote your own career aspirations? To succeed you must continually connect with new people, cultivate emerging relationships and leverage your network.