SWE carries insurance coverage for region, section, and MAL standard events. You only need to fill out the Insurance Coverage Questionnaire if:

  • You need proof of insurance
  • You need to show coverage of “additional insureds”
  • Your meeting or event falls outside of standard guidelines, such as:
    • Tour(s)
    • Length > 3 days
    • Overnight stay
    • Total attendance > 250 people (please count all people who will be attending regardless of their role)
    • Outdoor activities
    • Participants are middle school children (13 years old and younger) using power tools
    • Inadequate student to chaperone ratio (varies - depending on age of children)
    • Day camp
    • Non-educational (e.g. fundraisers)Some

Some special events are included in SWE’s coverage and other special events may require an additional premium. SWE’s insurance carrier cannot provide specific criteria whether there will be a charge associated with an event. Each event has to be looked at on an individual basis.

If any of the above pertains to your event, please fill out the coverage form and return it ASAP to hq@swe.org. HQ will process your request and confirm coverage, provide a certificate of insurance, and notify you if there was a premium for your event.

You can find the latest version of these guidelines and form posted on the SWE governance site under Volunteer Forms.

Region Conferences: In most cases, region conferences should not require an additional charge. For coverage of buses for tours or shuttles, please request the bus or shuttle operator add you as an additional insured.

Liquor: Liquor Law liability coverage is not provided by your insurance policy and we recommend that any alcohol be served by your hosting facility (hotel, conference center, restaurant, etc.). 

Please direct any questions to hq@swe.org.


If a contract or lease has been signed, please attach it. 



Please allow ~2 weeks for processing of requests.