Use these instructions to upload your section’s financial report for the current fiscal year via the online Leader Portal.  Note: These instructions are only applicable to the current Section President and Treasurer.

  1.  If you are the current President or Treasurer, Your SWE Leadership tab will be available through your SWE Account portal. If you are unsure how to login to your SWE account portal, then please read How do I access my membership portal?

  2. Once you've logged into your SWE account portal, Click the LEADERSHIP button.

  3. Click the Section Financial Reporting button
  4. Select the corresponding year for the financial report information you are submitting.
  5. Select the Create New Section Financial Report button.
  6. Select Financial Disclosure on the left hand side.
  7. Enter all the Sections Financial Information accordingly, then select Next.
  8. Select the box next to Approved if the Section President has approved this Financial Submission and upload any supporting materials saved on your computer. This is also the place to upload the Conflict of Interest forms.
  9. Once finished on this page, SAVE
  10. If all the information has been entered correctly, you will have a check mark under the Status column next to Financial Information and Section President Approval.  Select the SUBMIT button on the left-hand side to complete the Financial Report submission
  11. If you have not completed the information correct or have missing information, you will have an X next to the Financial Information and/or Section President Approval.  Use the side panel on the left to go back to the section you are missing information to complete it. (Repeat steps 5-9 until compete)