This report pulls a complete list of members who are active in your Section.  Please note, it is updated every night and not instantaneously. Note: These instructions are only applicable to the current Section President, Treasurer, Data Officer, Counselor, and Faculty Advisor.

  1. If you are the current President or Treasurer, Your SWE Leadership tab will be available through your SWE Account portal. If you are unsure how to login to your SWE account portal, then please read How do I access my membership portal

  2. Once you've logged into your SWE account portal, Click the LEADERSHIP button.

  4. A complete report is automatically pulled.
  5. To include mailing addresses within the report, select 2. Roster with Addresses under the Reports filter.
  6. To download the report, select Actions > Download.
  7. Select CSV to download the file in CSV format.
  8. To filter Report before downloading, select the magnifying glass.
  9. After you select a particular field, enter what you would like to filter on and select GO.  Filtering can be done more than once by following the same process.
  10. To remove a filter, click the X next to the filter.
  11. To remove columns from the report, select Actions > Select Columns.
  12. Move items left to remove from the report and move items right to Display in Report.  Select Apply when all items in the right-hand column are what you would like included in your report
  13. To sort your report according to a specific field, select Actions > Format > Sort.
  14. If you want to sort by Last Name, select Last Name from the Column drop-down menu. Click Apply. Your report will be sorted by the field you chose.
  15. To return to the Leadership Portal, click Return to Leadership Main Menu in the top-left corner of the screen. To return to the Membership Portal, click Return to Portal Main Menu.