Use these instructions to upload your section’s leadership roster for the current fiscal year via the online Leader Portal.  Note: These instructions are only applicable to the current Section President, Treasurer and Data Officer.

  1. If you are the current President or Treasurer, Your SWE Leadership tab will be available through your SWE Account portal. If you are unsure how to login to your SWE account portal, then please read How do I access my membership portal?

  2. Once you've logged into your SWE account portal, Click the LEADERSHIP button.

  3. Click the LEADERSHIP ROSTER button.
  4. Select the button below to add an individual to a Leadership Position for this fiscal year.
  5. Complete the form to add an individual to a Leadership Position, then select Save.
    1. Example:    Member ID or Last Name: 123
      Position: Use drop down to select
      Start Date: Auto-populated
          End Date: Auto-populated
  6. Repeat Steps 6-7 as needed until all Leadership Positions have been added for your Section.

  7. Navigate back to the SWE website and start browsing to see how you can be a positive influence in your workplace, your community, and SWE!