Who Can Update Section & Leadership Information: To make a leadership change via these standard operating procedures you must be a current Section leader and logged into the SWE membership portal to access the SWE Leadership Portal.

  • Current Section leaders have access and ability to manage information on the SWE Leadership Portal through the SWE fiscal year for which they are elected (example: FY19 is from 7/1/18 – 6/30/19).
  • All updates via the SWE Leadership Portal must be made by the current leadership by June 30 each year.
  • Future Section leaders are unable to make changes via the leadership portal until most current Leadership has updated the section information.
  • If the current or past Section Leadership is delinquent in making these updates, they must email membership@swe.org and request the Section is returned to good standing.

Once the current leadership has logged into the membership portal, follow these instructions to access the most recent SWE Resources area of swe.org to learn best practices and standard operating procedures to update your Section’s leadership information.

How to Access and Update Section & Leadership Information: