To download the SWE brand guidelines, please click here

These guidelines cover the entirety of the SWE brand including the master brand logo system, color palette, typography, imagery and SWE’s graphic style or identity system. Direction for both print and online usage is included. Also included in this document are guidelines for SWE’s sub-brands and programs.

The SWE brand guidelines should be used when creating any communication for the Society. Every impression a member, program or communication makes under the name of SWE will reflect on the Society. Any use of SWE’s logo identity system, name, tagline or messaging should strengthen and reinforce our brand. The SWE brand should support SWE’s mission, values, diversity initiatives and member values.

Positively supporting the SWE brand is not as easy as following these guidelines. Each SWE activity either enhances or diminishes the brand. Members should reflect on SWE’s mission, values and diversity principles for each activity to ensure that activity is enhancing the brand. For example, the selection of speakers, topics, entertainment, facilities and language in an event invitation all impact the SWE brand. Per SWE Bylaws EC 2/25-26/78, all sections are required to use the standard logo identity system.