SWE Section websites are managed independently from SWE Headquarters and all content is uploaded by section members.

Here is a list of all section website:

Professional Sections

Chicago Regional - http://chicago.swe.org/

Central Illinois - http://centralillinois.swe.org/

Northeast Indiana - http://neindiana.swe.org/

Heart of Iowa - http://www.heartofiowaswe.org/

East Central Iowa - N/A

Cedar Valley (Cedar Falls and Wateloo, Iowa) - http://cedarvalley.swe.org/

Quad Cities/Muscatine - Missisipi - http://quadcities.swe.org/

Western Michigan - http://westmi.swe.org/

Southwest Michigan - http://southwestmichigan.swe.org/

South Central Michigan - http://southcentralmichigan.swe.org/

Mid - Michigan - http://midmichigan.swe.org/

Minnesota - http://www.swe-mn.org/

Central Indiana - http://www.swe-ci.org/

Southwest Central Indiana - https://sweetengineers.wordpress.com/

Dubuque Area (Iowa)- http://dubuquearea.swe.org/

South Ohio - http://southohio.swe.org/

Central Ohio - http://centralohio.swe.org/

Kentucky - http://kentuckiana.swe.org/

Northeast Ohio - http://neohio.swe.org/

Pittsburgh - http://pittsburgh.swe.org/

Central Kentucky -http://pittsburgh.swe.org/ 

Wisconsin Section - http://www.swewisconsin.com/

Detroit - http://www.swedetroit.org/

Boston - http://www.sweboston.org/about-us.html

Hartford (includes MA) - http://hartford.swe.org/

Connecticut - http://www.swect.org/

Maine - http://www.swect.org/

Vermont and upper valley of New Hampshire - http://ncountry.swe.org/

New England Shoreline (Southeastern CT and part of RI) - http://ness.swe.org/

Mid-Hudson (Poughkeepsie, NY) - http://midhudson.swe.org/

New York State Capital District - https://sites.google.com/site/nyscdswe/

Southern New Hampshire - http://www.swesnh.org/

Savannah Coastal Empire: www.sceswe.org

To request your own SWE Section website, please submit a request for a website via this form: http://societyofwomenengineers.swe.org/weebly-signup