First, follow the instruction how to create SWE account and then complete SWE application.

  1. Create individual profile
  2. To start the application, please click on 'Start my membership application' button
  3. Add or Edit your Profile Information
  4. Enter Education Information: 
    • Currently Enrolled (if not enrolled, leave it blank; if enrolled, must have a future graduation date)
    • Completed education
  5. Enter work experience (do not enter your internship experience as a work experience)
  6. If you looking for a collegiate membership, make sure you select 'Student'

  7. Status/Review Page confirms that all information is entered
  8. Select your membership
    • If you have recently completed your education, you will be prompted to select graduate, and will be prompted Recent Graduate Membership
    • If you are not a recent graduate, and have at least 5 years of work experience, you will have an option to select Professional membership 
    • If you looking for collegiate membership, select one of collegiate memberships:
      • The most popular collegiate membership is Collegiate to Career (C2C), which is $50 and covers all the years in the college, and Collegiate membership is $20, which is one year membership
  9. Select your section
    • Section will be selected for you automatically based on your membership type and your area zip code:
      • If you select a collegiate membership, you will be assigned to your college section
      • If you select professional membership, you will be assigned to a professional section based on a zip code in your address
    • You can change your section assignment if  you see it is wrong
  10. Agree to Code of Conduct
  11. Status/Review Page confirms that you selected membership and section, and agreed to Code of Conduct
  12. Click on 'Next' button and you will be redirected to payment page.

Once you process the payment, you will see a greeting on the page and receive an email confirming that you are an active SWE member.