Nominators, follow these steps to successfully complete a nomination package:

  • Use the ‘Award Guide’ to select the award that best suits the candidate.
  • Verify the candidate meets the ‘Qualification’ requirements.
  • Collect all items listed in the ‘Nomination Checklist’ for the award selected.
  • Fill out the appropriate ‘Application’ online.
  • Submit the application online by March 31, 2018. Packages MUST BE RECEIVED by 11:59 PM, Central Time. No exceptions will be made for late packages.  

Important Information:  

  1. All packages are to be submitted electronically on-line as one compiled document.  
  2. Individuals are allowed to receive only ONE award per year.
  3. Incomplete nomination packages or nomination packages that do not meet the award requirements will be disqualified. Failing to include all required letters of support will disqualify the nomination package.  Review the ‘Nomination Checklist’ to successfully complete a nomination package.
  4. Several of our awards have requirements for years of experience. It is the responsibility of the nominator to calculate this information prior to submitting a nomination, and ensuring that your candidate meets the requirement for the award. It is also recommended that this is clearly called out in their resume. Packages will be disqualified if the nominee’s resume appears to exceed the maximum experience level and there is no explanation of unemployment gaps. Years of experience are counted as full and part time work experience as of December 31 of the preceding year (for example, packages submitted in March 2018, the full and part time experience is counted through December 31, 2017). Each year of part time work will count as one year of experience. Periods of unemployment employment are not counted toward years of experience. Each advanced technical degree obtained while not working full or part time counts as an additional year of experience toward this calculation.
  5. Packages must be submitted online. If sent to any other address, they cannot be forwarded for you. It is your responsibility to submit packages per these guidelines.
  6. All letters of recommendation require some form of authentication from the author. This can be a signature from the author, or an email header/chain showing that the letter originated from the author. This is considered an electronic signature. Any letter without signature will be dropped from the package and may cause disqualification.  Nominator is required to retain the documentation should SWE inquire for verification.  


  • Recipients will be presented at the WE18 - SWE’s Annual Conference for women engineers in Minneapolis, MN, October 18-20, 2018.
  • Notifications will be made to nominators starting July 1.  If notification is not received by July 31, nominators are asked to contact the Awards Program Coordinator at
  • All notifications will be completed by July 31, 2018.
  • SWE Staff will request a high-resolution photograph of the award recipient (or team).

NOTE:  It is important that nominators confirm that the phone number and email address provided on the nomination form is current and correct for both the nominee and nominator.