Selection Criteria

  • 60% Technical Management Responsibilities and Achievements:  Discuss the significance of the current upper management position and the evidence of her growth within the organization cited on her behalf, including types of responsibility involved in relevant positions, number of people reporting to particular positions (both direct and indirect), annual fiscal responsibility, number of management levels above and below nominee’s level, overall size of employer’s organization (sales and employees) and number of other people holding a similar level management responsibility.
  • NOTE: SWE understands that some work activity is protected by security clearances. Please provide as much detail as possible without breaking your company’s IP policy in order to give our judges the best ability to score your nomination.
  • 25% Extra-Curricular Leadership Activities as a Role Model:  Discuss the nominee’s leadership as a role model to inspire her employees to attain high levels of accomplishment and how has she created a nurturing environment for other women in the workplace
  • 15% Education, Publications, and Other Activities:  Discuss the educational background and pertinent experience that helped contribute to the technical achievements of the nominee.  Also include any relevant publications and activities that assisted in the successes of the nominee.

Nomination Checklist

The following information constitutes a complete nomination:

  • A completed application
  • A formal statement:
    • With 1.5 line spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and 1-inch margins on all sides (top, bottom, left, right).  
    • Maximum length of 3,500 words.
    • Address each of the Selection Criteria above with each new section title bolded, underlined and centered.
      • Include the following sections:  Introduction; Technical Management Responsibilities and Achievements; Extra-Curricular Leadership Activities as a Role Model; Education, Publications, and Other Activities; Conclusion
    • DO NOT include graphics or photos within the formal statement.
  • The candidate’s resume (or curriculum vitae) with single line spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and 1-inch margins on all sides (top, bottom, left, right).  Length of 3 pages or less.
  • The candidate’s SWE resume with single line spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and 1-inch margins on all sides (top, bottom, left, right).  Length of 3 pages or less. Optional for the Upward Mobility Award.  
  • A one-page org chart showing the candidate’s position in the company relative to higher level management positions (this document should be simplified to show titles and only the candidate’s name)
  • The candidate’s biography of no more than 500 words to be used as a basis for SWE publications. The submitted biography may be edited for clarity/content and editorial style. Award recipients will be able to verify the biography before publication. Please do not include any proprietary information in the biography.
  • At least three (3) and not more than five (5) supporting letters. Letters must clearly state who the recommender is and his or her relationship to the nominee.
    • At least two letters must come from business references whose caliber and substance will be considered in the evaluation.  
    • At least one letter must be from the nominee’s current company or employer organization.
    • All letters of recommendation require some form of authentication from the author. This can be a signature from the author, or an email header showing that the letter originated from the author. This is considered an electronic signature. Any letter without signature will be dropped from the package and may cause disqualification.  Nominator is required to retain the documentation should SWE inquire for verification.  

All above nomination materials must be compiled into one document and saved using the following naming format: AwardTitle_NomineeLastName.