Selection Criteria

  • 50% SWE Participation:  Include details about the nominee’s outstanding leadership and participation in SWE activities at the collegiate interest group, collegiate section, member-at-large, regional, and/or Society levels.
  • 20% Engineering Societies:  Include details about the nominee’s leadership and participation in other engineering societies.
  • 10% Campus Activities:  Include details about the nominee’s leadership and participation in other organizations at the academic institution.  
  • 10% Community Involvement:  Include details about the nominee’s leadership and participation in other organizations in the community.
  • 10% Academic and Technical Achievements:  Academic Information should include school name, location, degree, and expected graduation date.  Include any previous degrees, if applicable (particularly for graduate student nominee).  Technical Information should include specific examples of applicable technical accomplishments.  Also include any examples of recognition, honors, and awards that support the nomination.

Nomination Checklist

The following information constitutes a complete nomination:

  • A completed application  
  • A formal statement:
    • With 1.5 line spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and 1-inch margins on all sides (top, bottom, left, right).  
    • Maximum length of 1,250 words.
    • Address each of the Selection Criteria above with each new section title bolded, underlined and centered.
      • Include the following sections:  Introduction; SWE Participation; Engineering Societies; Campus Activities; Community Involvement; Academic and Technical Achievements; Conclusion
    • DO NOT include graphics or photos within the formal statement.
  • The candidate’s biography of no more than 500 words to be used as a basis for SWE publications. The submitted biography may be edited for clarity/content and editorial style. Award recipients will be able to verify the biography before publication. Please do not include any proprietary information in the biography.
  • At least two (2) and not more than three (3) supporting letters. Letters must clearly state who the recommender is and his or her relationship to the nominee.
    • At least one letter must be from a SWE leader in the Collegiate Section, MAL Section, or CIG.  
    • At least one letter must be from another collegiate member of the section, the Collegiate Section Faculty Advisor, the Collegiate Section SWE Counselor, a SWE professional member, or a professor or administrator from the academic institution.
    • All letters of recommendation require some form of authentication from the author. This can be a signature from the author, or an email header showing that the letter originated from the author. This is considered an electronic signature. Any letter without signature will be dropped from the package and may cause disqualification. Nominator is required to retain the documentation should SWE inquire for verification.  
  • A Statement of Academic Standing.
    • The Statement of Academic Standing should be a letter from the Collegiate Section Faculty Advisor or other academic institution official.    It should include the number of credit hours obtained in the current degree program, as well as the university classification of the student (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, or Graduate).

All above nomination materials must be compiled into one document and saved using the following naming format: AwardTitle_NomineeLastName.