1. Can I attach an unofficial transcript?

All transcripts uploaded to your application will be considered unofficial. Scholarship recipients will have to submit official transcripts at a later date. Please make sure that your transcript includes your name, your school, dates, classes, and a cumulative GPA.

2. Do I have to create a resume if I am applying as a freshman?

Yes, resumes are required for all applicants. There are no requirements or restrictions on the format or content.

3. Does my resume have to be a specific type format?  What about content?

No, there are no restrictions on or requirements for the format or content of your resume. You must save the document as a .pdf for it to successfully upload to your application.

4. How do I successfully upload my transcript and resume?

If you are getting error messages when trying to attach a transcript, acceptance letter, or resume, there are several possible reasons:

  • super-large file sizes which cannot be uploaded (2MB limit)
  • incorrect document type (allowed file extensions: .pdf)
  • inappropriate characters in your filename (do not use %, #, etc.)
  • internet connection issues
  • too little bandwidth (limit other applications running on your computer and network)
  • user error
  • application system issues

Please make sure that you minimize file size and are using the correct file extension. You can also try:

  • saving after each file is attached (instead of attaching all and then saving)
  • attaching a different file
  • clearing your browser history
  • using a different browser or computer, choosing "Save and Continue" instead of "Save for Later" as "Save and Continue" conducts more checks and may provide a specific error message

Once your file is successfully uploaded, you can click on View Transcript above the empty box to confirm.

5. I have completed at least 1 semester or term but do not have a GPA yet.

Please attach your transcript showing that you have passed your classes and check the Pass/Fail box in the application.

6. I just started a new school and thus do not do not have a GPA.

If you have not finished any classes for your current school yet, then we will use the GPA from your previous school. You will need to attach the transcript from your current school and most recent school as one file. This will help the reviewers to understand your situation and still be able to review your application appropriately.

7. My school will not send me a digital copy of my transcript.

Please obtain a hard copy of your transcript, scan it in, and attach the file to your application.

8. What if my unofficial transcript does not have all the required information?

 You may need to scan an official version of your transcript in order to include all the required information. The most important piece of information