1. What is an ABET-approved program?

ABET defines programs as a combination of major and school. Please visit the ABET website for more information. You can search by school and other methods on their Find Accredited Programs page.

2. My school and/or my major aren’t displayed in the drop down for intended school.

Applicants must be enrolled in a SWE-approved program to be eligible for a SWE scholarship. SWE uses ABET accreditation to determine eligibility. Please go to abet.org to review accredited programs in engineering, computing and technology. Note that not all engineering and computer science majors may be accredited at the same school.

3. What happens if I change my school or my major for the fall session?

You cannot change your application once it has been submitted. If you are chosen as a scholarship recipient, then we will evaluate such a change on an individual basis. This could affect your eligibility for some scholarships.