Both WE Local conferences are comprised of “four programs in one location.” These programs include:

  • Program Agenda
    • Keynote speakers (3)
    • Plenary panels (2)
    • Professional Development Sessions (40+)
  • Career/Exhibit Fair
    • Up to 50 tables
    • Friday and Saturday
  • Collegiate Poster Competition
    • The competition is for undergraduate and graduate students
    • Students submit abstracts online
    • Ten finalists (five graduate and five undergraduate) are chosen for each conference
    • Finalists will present a visual poster and lighting talk at the selected conference
    • Three finalists will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd during the WE Achieve Awards Ceremony
  • DesignLab
    • The “event in the event” is known as Design Lab and is dedicated to SWE’s SWENext membership
    • This event is comprised of two programs:
      • One for middle school students (Grades 6-8)
        The middle school program is designed to encourage students to choose a career in engineering by participating in a hands-on engineering experience while interacting with SWE members
      • The other for their parents and educators
        While students are learning and engaging, parents and educators will learn about engineering careers, scholarships and available resources to keep their future engineer engaged and excited about a career in engineering
  • DesignLab also hosts a high school competition for SWENext students
    • Students apply online and winners are awarded during the WE Achieve Awards Ceremony
  •  For 2018, WE Local will be looking to host a high school track