Community of Support

SWE is an inclusive organization focused on issues of interest to women specializing in engineering and technical careers.

  • A strong network of women engineers from academia, government and industry, corporate representatives, government officials, and other individuals supporting and advocating for the mission of SWE.

  • Awards and recognition programs honoring outstanding accomplishments of women in the engineering profession as well as those who have contributed significantly to the advancement of women in engineering and technology professions.

Education and Development

SWE's education and outreach activities are designed to enhance the quality of life for women of all backgrounds who pursue the profession of engineering.

  • Scholarship opportunities for all educational and professional levels, including undergraduate and graduate students, and women re-entering the workforce as engineers (at national and section levels).

  • Reduced fees for admittance to national and regional education conferences that offer networking, professional development, seminars, workshops, and leadership training.

Resources and Information

As a worldwide leader in engineering knowledge and support, SWE is a partner you can turn to for advanced, relevant information about women in technical careers.

  • SWE Magazine—the Society's award-winning magazine, covering issues of interest to women engineers including the achievements of women engineers, career development, career guidance, activities within the Society, and technical topics.

  • All Together, SWE's monthly newsletter.

  • Webinars and podcasts.

  • Online career center where you can manage your resume and search hundreds of jobs posted monthly by SWE's sponsors.

  • Outreach programs that encourage girls to pursue careers in engineering through SWE's alliances with Girls Inc., Girl Scouts, and US FIRST (Foundation for the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology).

Leadership Skills

  • Members are encouraged and supported in the development of skills necessary to be effective leaders in a global marketplace.

  • Develop leadership experience in a non-threatening environment through leadership roles at the sectional, regional, and national levels.

  • Publish articles in the SWE Magazine.

  • Present technical papers at national and regional conferences.

  • Lead seminars and workshops at national and regional conferences.

During the last couple years, SWE launched an initiative designed to foster inclusiveness and engage the diverse members of our organization – SWE Affinity Groups. Affinity Groups are small groups within the organization where individuals sharing a common element of diversity work collaboratively together! The program is growing, and we now have 5 active affinity groups with champions who want to connect with you and establish a network within SWE for you to ASPIRE, ADVANCE, and ACHIEVE within the organization.

Affinity Groups

  • Share knowledge, concerns, and experiences among themselves and allies

  • Mutually support each other

  • Advise and educate the SWE on issues affecting the specific group

  • Serve as a resource to SWE members regarding the specific group’s interest

  • Serve as a forum for discussion on specific topics aligning with the specific group

  • Enhance and promote networking mechanisms for connecting members

  • Increase understanding and commitment to the value of diversity and inclusion as an integral part of SWE culture

SWE Strategic Initiatives Committee (SIC) identified a need to provide forums for members with Small Business and Entrepreneur interests to interact and support each other. Women In Government (WIG) AG is also added to support the government track at annual conference.

Charters for the these new AGs:

  • SWE Entrepreneurs AG - This group is for SWE members who are entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs to share experiences among each other & mutually support each other.

  • SWE Small Business AG - This group is for SWE members who are employed at Small Businesses to share experiences among each other & mutually support each other.

  • SWE Women in Government AG - Women in Government (WIG) Affinity Group (AG) is composed of members who are employed with the government and/or military. WIG AG will help foster coordination of the government track sessions as WE, WELocals and highlight the challenges of the government members. WIG AG is a great way for members to share knowledge, concerns and experiences with each other as well as increase awareness of diversity and inclusion within the SWE culture.

Note on Facebook pages for AGs:

SWE Affinity Group Leads want to hear from you and are open to your feedback. The Affinity Groups have created Facebook groups so that you can join, share information, and get connected. You can find these groups at: SWE African-American AG, SWE Latinos AG, SWE Native-American AG, SWE LGBTQ And Allies AG, SWE Global Women Engineers AG, SWE Small Business AG, SWE Women in Government AG and SWE Entrepreneurs AG. Please send request permissions to join any one of these groups. These groups are one more way for you to share your stories and experiences to support the members.

Affinity Group Champions

With our Affinity Group program comes new leadership opportunities to build and grow the groups. We currently have 8 active Affinity Groups: African-America, Latinos, LGBTQ and Allies, Global Women Engineers, Native American, Entrepreneurs, Small Business and Women in Government. We have several other potential groups waiting for the right person to step forward and become a Champion.

Affinity Group Participation

Contact the Affinity Group Coordinator to join the conversation on creating diversity within the workplace.  We look forward to hearing from you:

  • African-American

  • Latino

  • LGBTQ and Allies

  • Global Women Engineers

  • Native American

  • Small Business

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Women in Government